Egos Pride and feelers

Wednesday, I had a customer call and was very upset that I returned her document. She was rude and felt I was incompetent because her ATTORNEY filed the documents and HE has been schooled and I was just being unreasonable.

Unfortunately, I let her push my buttons. My current challenges were consuming my right mind. I became upset and told her to send the documents to her attorney and he could call me. This was not acceptable. Anyway ...

This woman called again yesterday apologizing for the way she treated me. She had just found out she has cancer and it was a very serious situation. She said when she remembered how she treated me, she was embarrassed. She called to apologize for being rude.

Can you imagine? She was apologizing to me. My place was to be patient and helpful. I was almost in tears. She had every right for being upset. I was just the first person in her way and she took it out on me. I apologized for getting upset with her, then helped her with her filing so she could send it back to me.

How quickly life can change our priorities. How fragile our egos. How delicate our mortal bodies. How easily we bruise. How easy we are offended. God forgive me.