Use what talent you possess ... by Henry Van Dyke. We are all songbirds of a sort, singing praises to the One who gifted us such talents, for our song is sweet to Him!


We can enjoy life or we can survive life.

We can enjoy life or we can survive life.
Our daily responses to the little things determine which it will be.

If the carpet is worn, vacuum it anyway.
If the furniture is old, dust it anyway.
If the linoleum is scuffed, sweep it anyway.
If the tub is stained, scour it anyway.
If the sink is leaky, clean it anyway.
If the toilet needs fixed, scrub it anyway.
If the bedspread needs updated, make your bed anyway.
If the rug is frayed, straighten it anyway.
If the pillows are lumpy, fluff them anyway.
If the clothes are out-of-date, iron them anyway.
If the shoes are cheap, shine them anyway.
If the closet is too small, organize it anyway.
If the dishes are chipped, wash them anyway.
If the table is rickety, wipe it anyway.
If the kids are fussy, hug them anyway.
If the hubby is cranky, kiss him anyway.
If the neighbors are loud, wave at them anyway.
If the clerk is rude, smile at her anyway.
We can live in Order without perfection;
Peace without luxury,
and Joy without convenience.
Life is what you make of it… so do it anyway.


It seems logical to me that if Heavenly Father were to reveal all His wisdom to me, I would be so unable to get my head around it all that my brain would just shut down. Therefore, He provides bits and pieces much like a 500-piece puzzle. He gives me stories and examples in parables and scripture. When I understand one concept, He provides another one to learn and understand. After a while I can begin to see a bigger picture. Just like the puzzle! I think I get it. :)

It's funny, this is not new to me, I just saw it in a new light today when trying to help a customer register her business. It appears I was providing too much information and she wasn't ready for the it yet. She was still trying to understand the entity types and what she needed to file.

Anyway ... just thought I'd share that tidbit. :)